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We have come across dalmatians with short hair. But what about the long haired Dalmatian? Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of the long haired Dalmatian, although this dog has been around for many years. 

But a study conducted in 2015 says that there were less than 100 long-coat Dalmatians on the planet

The dog is now creating a fan base around the world and the popularity is increasing you can find a rise in dog breeders who raise long hair dalmatians because the demand is high for the fur type. 

If you are one who wants to become a dog parent for the long hair dalmatian you need to have a complete understanding of the breed to make sure that the dog fits into your lifestyle and care. 

Keep scrolling to know more information on the long-coat dalmatians, and how you can care for them.

What is a long haired dalmatian?

long haired dalmatian

A long haired dalmatian is a rare coat variety of the short coat version.  They are also known as long coat dalmatian or LC dalmatian.  The reason for the different coat variations is the recessive gene and this makes the dog unique. 

It is a pure breed dalmatian that can have a long coat variety if both the parents have a recessive gene. So when two dalmatians with a long coat recessive gene breed together,  there are possibilities for them to produce a litter with long coat puppies. 

But they were not considered in the Breed standard by various Kennel Club and so was bred away.

History of the long-coat breed

Although this dog has come into popularity in recent years and remains in demand,  the fact is that the Breed dates back to the 1300s  Dalmatia region of Croatia.  They were developed to help pull carts and carriages.  They were used as guard dogs because of the protective temperament they have. 

Expanded to the UK and the United States by the late 1800s and it was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1898.

It is considered to be a rare breed and was not popular.  The total amount of dalmatian with long coats is unknown but the growth is increasing over the past 10 years because of its popularity.

What do they look like? 

The normal dalmatian we have come across will have short fur with white color and black spots.  But the long coat dalmatian will have fur that ranges from 2 inches in length to 4 inches.  

They are born mostly in a pure white coat but later develop spots at 2 to 4 weeks old.  They have feathers in the tails, legs, and ears.

The color is not always white and black, it can differ in colors to be brown and white or other fur colors including pale yellow (lemon), tan,  blue, or tricolor spots. 

The face of this dog will carry an alert look with an expression of Intelligence. They have round eyes that are either dark to blue. 

They have a medium-sized body that is sleek and muscular built. Also, they have defined and strong muscles, and the top part will be parallel to the top of the skull. Sometimes they have long and lean legs with graceful bodies. 

They have long tails that curve upwards.  And in the forequarters and hindquarters,  they have strong and smooth muscles. They are known to have thick feet with well-arched toes. 

Long haired Dalmatian size

The long hair dalmatian has a standard and miniature size,  so-called the mini long hair dalmatian. The puppies will weigh up to 18 to 24 pounds.  And an average full-grown dalmatian will be about 45 to 60 pounds.

The male long hair dalmatians are slightly taller than the females.  The males will stand at 21 to 23 inches while a female will stand between 19 to 22 inches tall. 

Long haired Dalmatian temperament

These dogs are portrayed to be aggressive and mean dogs. But the truth is although they have a good reputation similar to aggressive dogs, there can be the way you train. When you train them poorly,  you can see them barking continuously, having a mean personality with stubbornness.

They are playful,  protective, loyal, athletic, and highly energetic.  They can sometimes behave like a king in the household.  It can behave aggressively if you fail to socialize with them in the early stage and failed to provide them with playtime.

If you take good care of him, they will be fantastic family dogs that can be the most loving, protective, and friendly dogs you can have. They are an outgoing breed that usually gets along with different people and other animals when you socialize with them at a young age.

long haired Dalmatian temperament

They can be deaf and have hearing problems but can cause aggressiveness. If you are not able to look after them and have a lack of understanding,  they will be developing bad behavior and habits.

Similar to the common dalmatians,  this breed is highly energetic.  Although they can be patient with children, high energy can be hard for the children to handle.

If the dog is given the right environment to learn and provided with good affection, with socialization they can be good family dogs.

Do long haired Dalmatians shed? 

In general, Dalmatians shed and they are known as heavy shedders due to their long coat variety. They shed throughout the year and there is no specific shedding season. 

They have 2 to 4 inches long hair and it can make it difficult for you to have your house dalmatian hair-free. 

Are long haired Dalmatians hypoallergenic? 

No matter whether it is a long haired Dalmatian or a short hair Dalmatian, they are not hypoallergenic. 

This dog will not fit the owners who suffer from dog fur and dog dander allergies as the breed sheds fur at a high rate than other breeds. So if you or someone in your family suffers from dog allergies then a Dalmation might not be the best breed for you. 

How to care for a long haired dalmatian?

Mostly both the short and long-haired dalmatians need basic caring needs, but there are some things that will differ in the long-haired dalmatians. 

Dalmatian grooming

Usually, the Dalmatian coating needs only a minimal brushing. So grooming them once a week is enough to remove the dead hairs and the coat would look shiny. 

But it is different in long-coat dogs because of more hair they need frequent brushing to make sure that the dog doesn’t get any tangles or mats. 

You also need to pay attention to their floppy ears as they need regular cleaning to help them break up any build-up of wax. These dogs will have more issues with ear infections than other dogs because the ear has been designed to retain moisture inside the ear canal and this can cause fungal infections. 

This long-coat breed demands to be bathed weekly or provide them with a bath when they look dirty. Massage it and remove the dirt or stains from the fur. 

Dalmatian needs exercises 

These dogs are active, highly energetic, and active.  Moreover, they are a breed that is bred to run and pull carts. Therefore they need daily exercise time. You need to provide them with high energetic exercise. 

These dogs love to run and play and they need plenty of exercises to stay healthy and happy. 

You need to take them for walking or provide them with exercises for at least two hours daily. It is better to do running with them or play ‘fetch the ball’ to make them run. 

If you do not provide them with exercises they can develop behavioral issues. Because when they have a lot of energy and do not get enough exercise, they will begin to do inappropriate things.  

They might rip up the clothes, scratch and chew on furniture, to get out their extra energy. 

How can you train them? 

long haired dalmatian training

They are considered one of the smartest dog breeds and so can be easy to train. A long haired Dalmatian should be trained properly because they are known to be highly intelligent and have a lot of energy. 

The food they need 

These long haired dalmatian dogs need a diet with low purine value or a vet-prescribed meal plan. The food quantity you provide for a puppy is more than an adult dalmatian. So you need to measure the food before giving them.

A baby long-coat dalmatian can eat 4 to 5 cups of meals while an adult will eat 2 to 2.5 cups. You can feed them with root vegetables and meat that are easily digestible. You can feed them with peanut butter or carrot as a snack. 

Health issues found in Dalmatians

Dogs have different common health issues but purebred dogs are likely to have more problems.  Although it is not that always your pup will suffer from the following conditions, it is better to know about the health issues in order to prevent them from getting. 


The long haired Dalmatian is mostly prone to hearing problems. They have higher rates of deafness than other breeds whereas 30% of all dalmatian puppies have hearing problems or hearing loss issues.  This might be due to the parent Dalmatian, and could be due to untreated. 

long haired dalmatian

Deafness is highly common in Dalmatians because the problem is connected to the gene that creates the white coat with black spots. If the hearing is fine at Birth.  Then it won’t affect them later in life.  Some breeders use brainstem auditory evoked response testing on the dogs before breeding to eliminate deafness. 

Bladder stones 

Long-haired Dalmatian is a healthy breed but one problem is the cause of bladder stones. They are formed due to high levels of uric acid present in the body. Because they are not able to process purines which is an organic compound in food. This high-level uric acid can lead to bladder stones and kidney stones.

You can prevent this by providing a good diet and that your dog has access to fresh water.


Dalmatians can have skin allergies.  These can be air-born,  substance-based, or Food based.  You can prevent this by treating your dog with a vet or by changing the environment. 

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a common problem, especially for large dogs.  It is a painful condition that caused a poorly formed hip joint.  The bones of the joints grind together when the dogs move.  And this will make it difficult for them to run and walk.  The joints will become inflamed, leading to arthritis.  Sometimes if the condition is serious the entire joint will be replaced with steel and plastic that will work smoothly and painlessly.

Final thoughts

The long haired Dalmatian is friendly and affectionate, loves playing all the time, and stays with you.  Some people think it is a genetic mistake but it is a beautiful dog that means a great companion.

They can be one of the best family pets if you give them the proper training they needed. They are alert and intelligent and will learn quickly.  They are highly active and require a lot of attention to satisfy their energy requirements.  So you need to be prepared to give them a lot of running, playing,  hiking,  and training daily. 

Obviously, they are not a good fit for apartment dwellers. Owning a long-haired Dalmatian is a commitment.  You cannot leave them alone for a long time,  as well as you will receive plenty of love and loyalty from them.

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