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The first breed of dog that comes to your mind when asked about a French bulldog, is the short-haired French bulldog. What about the long haired French bulldog? Many of you would have not seen a long them, and are not recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). 

They are completely healthy dogs and actually extremely rare due to their rare genes. This is actually because the two parents carry an extremely rare and recessive gene that does not appear in the breed. 

So what is a long haired French Bulldog, and where does it come from? And if you are interested in owning one, keep reading to find the right way to take care of this breed. 

What is a long-haired french bulldog? 

long haired french bulldog

We knew about the French Bulldogs, as they are popular in the last ten years and were ranked as the fourth most registered dog breed. People own them as pets for their adorable flat faces, pug tails, short hair, and short body. 

But most of us would have not heard about a french bulldog with long hair. They are also recognized as fluffy Frenchies. In fact, it is a dog similar to other breeds of dogs. But the unique appearance and the different coat makes them stand out from the crowd. 

The long hair frenchies are due to the recessive gene trait, which means that a dog will have two forms of a gene. The long coat in French Bulldogs is a recessive gene trait. 

L4 is usually known as the gene that is responsible for long hair, and the French Bulldogs with just one L4 gene don’t display the trait in any way. But those with two from both parents will have distinct long hair. 

This coat will give the dog a lush and warm look. You can find some recessive mutations that are linked to this feature known as the long-haired gene. This means that the dog will have some similar traits to other dogs with long hair.  

What does it look like?

The long haired French Bulldogs have medium-length wavy hair they are indeed purebred French bulldogs. It will have been over the ears, head, back, and chest. They carry two copies of a recessive longhair gene called L4. 

They are cute long haired French Bulldogs that are grown up to 12 inches in height and weigh 25 lbs, they are playful, friendly, and confident dogs. They come in many colors and sizes and they use to attract people with their standard coat colors to those rare-colored Frenchies. 

They are similar to the other type of Frenchies and come in a large range of coat colors including cream, brindle, fawn, and white along with lilac, blue, tan, and chocolate coats. The patterns of the coat might be black masks, brindle markings, ticked, piebald, or white markings. 

Depending on where they’re bred, the long-haired Frenchies can have bat-shaped ears or rose-shaped ears. The English breeders prefer the rose shape, while Americans favor the bat shape. 

The long-haired French bulldogs have narrow hips and this makes them difficult for them to give birth in a normal way. So to make the delivery to be less risky, they need to do it through C-section. 

Are long haired French Bulldogs good pets? 

French Bulldogs

These dogs make great pets for first-time owners and are suitable for owners living in apartment-sized homes, and families with kids as they get along with everyone including kids, elders, and other adults. They are friendly, loyal, and affectionate. This dog will also get along with other pets you have at home including dogs, cats, and other small animals. 

But it doesn’t like to be left behind and spend much time with the owner and will be great companions to other dogs. They can be prone to anxiety due to separation if you leave them alone for a long time. As they are social dogs, it is better if you can add one or two more fluffy Frenchies to prevent them from feeling lonely. 

They usually live for around 10 years but can suffer from some overheating issues and breathing difficulties. They do not need many exercises but will also not lay around all day. So you need to pay attention to them and take care. 

The long haired french bulldogs are generally quiet than most other dogs. They communicate and bark very little through the yaps and other small and cute noises. Therefore they are great pets for owners in apartments. 

Are they hypoallergic?

They are actually not a good pet for owners who have allergies to dander. Because the long haired French Bulldog has a medium-length coat that is fairly straight. So they shed hair liberally all year round and will have a bid shedding season. 

Buying a Long Haired French Bulldog 

Only a very few long haired French Bulldogs for sale are happening every year, so it is hard to estimate the price. These dogs can be difficult to find in good quality and health. Because of the rarity of the dog and the recessive gene. 

They need to be purposefully bred and it requires a lot of breedings before puppies end up with longhair. These dogs are often very expensive because not all puppies in a litter end up with long hair. 

This dog breed was once considered to be unwanted but now they are growing in popularity. Because of the rarity of the breed, you might not easily get one. 

The Fluffy Frenchie has a physique that makes it difficult for them to mate naturally and so they are artificially inseminated. 

There are some breeders who are specialized in breeding long haired Frenchie litters, so they may charge a high price for their puppies. You need to research the long haired Frenchies puppies before buying and beware of the cost of puppies. 

How to take care of a long haired French Bulldog?

different types of french bulldogs

They have Frenchies have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years with proper care. 

Hair problems faced by long haired Frenchies. 

They have common hair problems including allergies, dandruff, and hair loss. 

Hair caring and grooming of the full grown long haired french Bulldog  

These Frenchies may have hair that is different from others but maintaining their hair is not that difficult, as they are very low maintenance. You need to provide them with at most four baths per year. They might need more baths if they go outside frequently or get dirty. 

If you brush them regularly, it will prevent excess shedding and removes the dirt between baths. Use a dry shampoo to keep your dog’s coat clean. 

You do not need to worry about the fur of the dog. Although it sheds, it will be in a fine texture and you will not notice hair all over the house or clothes. But brushing is required to keep them clean and shiny. 

You need to keep up with cleaning their face because if they are not properly cleaned, the folds will start to smell. Moreover, taking care of their face is a must, in order to prevent them from having breathing trouble. 

The diet of the long-haired French Bulldog

Every dog needs different nutritional needs, but the fact is that long French hair with long hair does not need a lot of calories intake in its food due to its small size. It is better if you can talk to your veterinarian to choose the right food for your dog and plan the meal accordingly to maintain them in a good health. 

The Fluffy Frenchies love eating and they cannot control how much they eat and when they start to eat, they usually don’t stop. So when you provide them with food, watch them prevent them from overeating and getting sick.

It also easily gains weight fast because of their eating habit and you have to exercise them with a minimum workout and feed them a healthy diet. 

The exercise 

Long hair Frenchie does not actually need a lot of exercises and also they do not lay down the whole day. And this is why you need to give them a low-calorie diet. This is a low-energy dog breed and will be prone to getting obese. So make sure to just spend fifteen minutes walking with your dog and watch their weight. 

This breed has short stature and short snouts and this makes the Frenchies hard to swim. Their legs are too short and it is hard for them to keep their nose out of the water. So keep an eye on the Frenchies, if you have a pool or take them near the water. 

Avoid taking them on airplanes

Due to their short snouts, compared to the other dogs,  they are more prone to breathing problems. They can’t travel in airplanes due to the highly compressed air inside and which causes fatal breathing problems for them.

Should you get a long haired French bulldog puppy? 

The long haired French Bulldogs are not much different than short haired ones. These breeds look fluffy and may shed a little more. They are an unusual variation on the popular Frenchie breed. Except for the coat, they are the same as the short haired Frenchie. 

They are not considered as not proper Frenchies and they can’t be entered at dog shows. But due to a number of health problems in the French Bulldog breed, and so you need to consider a lot before buying a puppy. 

If you still like to get one, then there are several breed-specific Frenchie. They often find their way into non-breed specific rescues. That is because the owners struggle to afford the high veterinary costs associated with owning them.

Are they Healthy dogs? 

long haired french bulldog Pet

Most fluffy Frenchies are prone to health issues. If the long haired frenchie is responsibly bred, they will not have any more health issues compared to other french bulldogs. But they are also prone to all the same health problems as short haired frenchie. 

The French Bulldogs have a flattened face shape and this look is a popular look but it is linked to severe difficulty breathing and keeping them cool in hot weather.  They are of all coat types and have a genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia where 1 in 3 dogs get affected, and Patella Luxation where 1 in 20 dogs get affected. 

These are actually painful joint conditions that cause lameness and you can correct it with expensive surgery. Just over a third of Frenchies have malformed bones in the spine that causes pain and paralysis. 

Approximately one-third of Frenchies suffer from allergies and this is difficult to pinpoint and treat. To be honest, the French Bulldogs including long hair frenchies are not healthy dogs and their quality of life is affected by chronic health conditions in some way. 

The final thoughts

These are adorable fluffy dogs and can be great pets. They are friendly and cute coming in a variety of colors and have a unique look. If you thinking about bringing one home, you need to be prepared of taking care of their coat. They will be hard to find and can be expensive due to their rarity.

But most of the time the Long haired french Bulldogs are one among the low maintenance pets except you need to pay attention to their health. Be aware of the different color patterns and remember no matter what pattern you choose, you need to take care of them properly. 

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