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Who is the king of Jungle? Obviously, every one of you will say it as a lion. But why?  The lion is a powerful and strong animal that dominates every other animal, but still, there are also other powerful animals, especially the tiger, the 1st largest cat in the world. But why do they say Lions as the King? If you are not aware of it, then you will know it in this section. Lion is really important for our ecosystem and so continue reading to know interesting facts on lions.  


Lions are scientifically known as Panthera Leo and are considered the second-largest cat after the tiger. It is a muscled cat with a long and strong body, large head having powerful teeth and jaws.  They are yellow and gold in color. The adult males have shaggy manes and are different from the female.  The male lion is 10 feet tall while the female is 9 feet tall.  The lion is active at night and you can find them in grasslands, Savanna,  open Woodlands and scrub in the range across Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

The male lion has an impressive mane of hair and this thick mane protects their neck against raking claws during fights with other males. The social group of lions is called the pride consisting of 3 to 30  members with close Bond and no strangers are allowed.  They work together to hunt and look after cubs to have a healthy and safe life.   The lionesses are known to be the Hunters, while the male lion hunts less than 10% but they mark and guard the pride’s territory and looks after the cubs. It fights with the new males trying to enter to protect the territory. 

Why are lions the king of Jungle?

 There are so many powerful animals in the jungle that possess the qualities to become the king of the Jungle, especially the tiger, which is the 1st largest cat in the world. But still, the Lion, although being the 2nd largest is regarded as the king of the beast or the king of the jungle.

You may feel it is wrong, but here is the actual reason. The kingship is not about being the strongest, but having the kingship abilities and so the Lion, apart from being the strongest, possess the quality of behaving like royalty, being honorable and majestic. 

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In ancient times, people expected a king to be powerful, to have leadership qualities, command, protect his community and if he fails, he will be dethroned. This is what exactly a lion has. Lion is physically powerful and strong and fights with other males like a battle. It is the head of the colony that looks after the affairs of the group making decisions and hunting when needed.

Lions do not do much hunting, and it is the lioness who do it. So it is the lion who gives commands for hunting when there is no sufficient food and it is the lioness and others hunting and fetching food. It is the protector of its territory and it ensures that its territory is safe. Similar to a king, if the lion fails to deliver its duties effectively then it will be dethroned and replaced by another lion. The lion’s action reflects on what it thinks and this different attitude makes the animal kingdom respect the lion. 

Importance of lion 

Obviously, they are the top predators in the food chain. They play a crucial role in the environment and without them, the entire ecosystem will become unsteady.  The lions control the population of herbivores such as zebra, buffalo, rhino, and giraffe. 

It is important to regulate this population if not there will be an increase of competition among them that cause them to go extinct and the biodiversity will reduce. The Lion can even kill herbivores like elephants, therefore they are known as the chief predators.

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Lion keeps the herd population healthy and strong. Because they mainly prey on herd animals and take down the weakest of the herd.  If there is no lion, the herd animals involve interacting with parasites that can spread throughout and will end up in few healthy animals. Lions also feed on small carnivorous animals. If there is no lion,  the smaller carnivores will increase and will reproduce more causing complications for farmers by destroying livestock and crops.

Other facts about lions 

Lions can run at a speed of 80 km per hour. Their life is filled with sleeping, resting, and napping, they have a short time of intense activity followed by a long period of lying up to 21 hours. They are good climbers who rest in trees and they lie around in crazy poses like spreading wide apart, or on their backs with feet in the air.

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Lion is special for its roar and it is used as a form of communication to identify individuals and to strengthen the bond of pride. And they also roar to show the other lions about the domain of pride. The fact is that the roar of the lion can be heard from 5 miles or 8 kilometers away. And in friendly situations, they snarl, growl, meow, grunt, and puff. 

The lion’s mane starts growing at the age of one and the ones with a darker mane are said to have high reproductive strength when compared to others. The gestation period is four months or 110 days and the lionesses will prefer to hide while giving birth and it can give birth to 2 to 4 babies at a time and keep them hidden for the first six weeks.

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