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Creatures like mice, ants, termites, roaches, and various others exist for different purposes providing their beneficial roles to our ecosystem. But when they are in places where they do not belong, it will become a problem, as it would become a risk to our health, property, and our lifestyle. Therefore you need to control these household pests properly, if not they will cause significant damage to your property and will be risky for your health. So how to get rid of household pests naturally?

Household pests

You need to keep your home clean and tidy. And make sure to keep the pet food and other dry goods in air-tight containers. Other than that you can repair torn screens, cracks in the sealing, gaps in incoming and outgoing pipes and vents. You can buy bug spray and other products to get rid of them, but they can contain toxic chemicals that can be unhealthy for you and your family. 

Therefore you can choose common household items to deal with the problems of household pests with a few remedies that are easy to create and get rid of your household pests. 

Household pests


One of the most common unwanted household pests is Cockroaches. This can be found almost everywhere, and is said to contaminate food,  cause stains,  destroy fabric and paper, and can also transmit bacteria and diseases, as their skin and waste can cause allergy or symptoms of asthma. They find their way to your house through small holes and cracks in the walls or through the pipes.  And mostly you can find them under sinks, dark drawers because they seek shelter in narrow spaces.

How to get rid of cockroaches?

get rid of household pests

To get rid of household pests, such the cockroach, you can use a few natural solutions. 

You can find a few ingredients in your kitchen to get rid of cockroaches.  Take some hot water, mix one portion of white vinegar and stir them well.  Use this solution to wipe the slabs, clean the cooktops, and put this in the drains of the kitchen at night so that it will this impact the pipes and the Cockroaches will be kept away from climbing up to the kitchen. 

You can trap cockroaches using a wine bottle with something sticky like peanut butter or syrup to attract Cockroaches and line the inside of the top of the wine bottle with cooking oil so that the roaches will be drawn towards the sweet content and will get trapped. 

Cinnamon can keep the Cockroaches away with their strong essence.  Sprinkle some freshly ground cinnamon powder around the kitchen to prevent them.



Flies can be a real disturbance in our house.  You can find a variety of flies but the two most common flies that you find in your house are fruit flies and house flies.  They get attracted to old food that lays around or the overflowing garbage.  They can easily get into your house through the cracks and the open doors. Moreover, they can be annoying to us buzzing around the home. Flies can be dangerous because they carrier and spread diseases,  mostly they can be blamed for food poisoning. 

How to get rid of flies?

There are a few natural homemade solutions. 

Flies, especially the fruit fly can be trapped using fruits. Cut a piece of fruit and place it in the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and tape it or put a  rubber band.  Put holes using a toothpick in the top and let it in a secluded area in the kitchen. 

Another way to get rid is by planting Basil plants in and around the kitchen,  or you can make a spray by adding 4 ounces of boiling water and 4 to 6 ounces of basil leaves.  Squeeze the leaves into the mixture and let the leaves absorb all the moisture. Pour 4 ounces of supercheap vodka into the mixture and store in the fridge. Use it as a spray to get rid of them.


Termites are tiny, tan, or black bugs and are known for attacking the timber that is used to build houses and can be a problem to books, furniture, and food products. Termite is really a problem because the queen termite will lay thousands of eggs in a single day that can cause damage to your house.  

How to get rid of Termites? 

There are many species of termites and no matter what type is there in your house, you can use a few methods to remove them.  If you keep the wood 1 to 2 inches above the ground and ventilate the structure it will be hard for the termites due to lack of moisture.  When you are building new construction,  use termite-resistant Woods like Redwood,  Cedar, and white oak. 

To get rid of household pests,  you can use vinegar.  Mix half a cup of it and add juice from two lemons.   Put it in a spray bottle and spread the mixture around areas, where there are termites.  Spray it regularly to catch them. 

Termites love water so to get rid of them you can use wet cardboard.  Put pieces of wet cardboard in areas you suspect to have termites. And when they settle on the cardboard take it and burn. Repeat the process until the termites are gone. 

Termite will actually die from sunlight and heat. You can bring out the furniture that has termites outside to the sunlight or can use UV lights to get rid of the termites inside your house. 



This is a common household pest that you really want to get rid of. There are about 4000 species of spiders and most of them can be spotted in your house. Depending on the species,  it can be harmless or venomous.  The harmless spiders can create spider webs throughout your home and the venomous species can cause bites that will be itchy and worst. 

How to get rid of spiders? 

Spiders do not like citrus. So you can have citrus fruits in a bowl to keep away spiders. Rub the leftover citrus peels along the doorways and window sills.  Other than that to make the smell of vinegar a bit less you can soak several Orange peels in the cup of vinegar overnight.   Use it as a spray to clean the places that have more spiders. 

Most of the bugs hate mint.  You can add peppermint Essential oil to a spray bottle and spread it all over your home.  Or you can crush some dried mint leaves and put them in little sachets in your kitchen cupboard.  You can even plant mint leaves in your entryways to prevent spiders. 


Household pests

This is one of the most common household bugs that can be found in every climate.  They will contaminate food by depositing dirt and feces.  And can cause a threat to your home.  There are ants that can tunnel through wood and damage the structure of your home.

How to get rid of ants? 

Pepper is the best way to get rid of ants. Although they don’t kill ants, the strong odor will chase them away.  Makes the pepper and water in a spray bottle and spray in your home at two points.

You can use tea tree oil as it is an effective ant deterrent.  Mix 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with two cups of water in a clean plastic spray bottle.  You can spray the mixture around the house or use saturated cotton balls with the mixture and place them around your house. 

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