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Welcome to the Predatory Thursday and we have brought some interesting facts about elephants, which are known for being the largest land animal, with a large head, long trunk, flat ears, ivory tusks, and big legs is a unique animal and the 3rd largest in the world. They are greyish black in color and their trunk is one of the versatile features and it’s combined with nose and the upper lip. The trunk can carry loads of about 250 kg, as the average weight of the trunk is 130kg.

The average weight of an elephant is 3000kg to 6000kg. Their tusks are actually teeth that are rooted deeply and made of ivory. The elephants eat grasses, tree bark, roots, small stems, and fruits and in a single day, they consume about 300 pounds of food while spending around 12 to 18 hours consuming them.

Behavior of elephants  

Elephants are sensitive, caring and social animals. It is found that they can communicate with other elephants from a distance of 2 miles and they greet using their trunks. They form groups to create a large herd and follow a female lead. The female lead or the matriarch will lead the herd with the experience and memory of getting the food and protection. The elephants also provide close attention to the other members of the herd. They are also considered to be intelligent and show empathy and have self-awareness.

The elephants get matured sexually at the age of 8 to 13 years and calves are born after 22 months of pregnancy. Other than this behavior, the elephants are fond of water where they shower by spraying water over themselves using their trunk and then throw mud over them to protect them from the sun. Moreover, they use their tusks to battle with others

Types of elephants

There are 2 main species of elephants and they are considered to be Asian elephants and African elephants. These two species have similarities and differences in their appearance and behavior.

African elephants:

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These live in the African country and is identified with two main subspecies as African Savannah elephants and African forest elephant. Their weight is about 3000 kg to 7000 kg and they are 3m tall. Savannah elephants are large elephants which are in sub-Saharan Africa and forest elephants are smaller in size and live in the central and west forests of Africa. The ears of the African elephant are larger in size. Both the female and male elephant’s tusks grow and through the size of the tusk, an elephant can be identified whether it’s old or young.

Asian elephants:

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These elephants live in Asian countries such as Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and other Southeast Asian countries. These elephants are smaller in size when compared to African elephants. These elephants weigh about 3000kg to 5000kg and are at a height of 2.8m. They include subspecies such as Indian, Sri Lankan, Sumatran, Syrian, and Javan. Humans have a close association with elephants and they are an important part of their culture. And it symbolizes power and wisdom in the country of India. There are so many myths and stories of elephants in Asian countries related to each religion and culture.  In Asian temples, elephants can be seen and in Sri Lanka, elephants are used for the festival of tooth relics. 

Elephants are respectable animals because of their cultural importance, moreover, they maintain the biodiversity of ecosystems and protect the wild areas. One of the benefits of elephants is protecting the health of forests. This is done through the spreading of seeds in wide and far areas by elephants as they roam long distances and they create gaps in vegetation for new plants to grow. Excavation of water holes and fertilization is also a part played by elephants. In the dry season, they dig using their tusk to get water and shared it with all the other habitats. Elephants create one ton of poo and this helps to keep the soil fertile.

Although they provide a lot of benefits to the world, they are in danger where they are killed by humans for some reason. Humans also earn through elephants by using them for tourist attraction by going rides on their back and other such activities. Also, there are wildlife crimes where they kill elephants for the ivory tusks. And studies say that 20,000 elephants are killed each year for their tusks. And experts believe that the Asian elephant population is too decreasing.

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