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Welcome to the predatory Thursday. Animals have an important part in the world and it is interesting to know different facts about different animals. In this post, we have come up with the facts about dolphins. Most of us love dolphins as they are a friendly and social aquatic animal on earth. And it is considered as intelligent with highly developed brains. Keep reading to know about their behavior, type, foods, and other facts in this section.

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What are Dolphins?

Dolphins are the most popular mammals living in the aquatics that comes under tooth whales. They are scientifically known as Delphinus and recognized as the abundant cetaceans with a large population in the world. There are various species in dolphins and each of them varies in size. A small dolphin will be in lengths of 1.7m (5.5 feet) and weighs 50 kg (110 pounds) and they can vary until 32 feet and 6 tons.

They have a blunt head and forked tail along with rubbery and smooth skin. The blowhole on top of their heads is the nose of dolphins. They are in a mixed color of black and gray. Dolphins are considered warm-blooded animals and they breathe through the lungs and frequently move to the surface of the water to catch a breath.

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Other facts on Dolphins

They originated about 50 million years ago in the Eocene epoch and it is believed that the cetaceans in the past were living in both land and water. Mostly the dolphins live in the oceans and brackish water and they tend to opt for shallow water near the coast to avoid cooler regions. They are regarded for their intelligence and social nature that whistles and squeaks. They are also identified as having a fondness for company and stay together with their social order by creating groups while communicating with each other.

According to the researches they are recognized to use a highly developed communicating method called ‘echolocation’ and emit high and low-frequency vocal specializations to communicate within themselves and with other marine animals.  Their noises and pitches will vary according to the location and complexity. They are also graceful swimmers and reach a speed of 10 to 20 meters per second. They are playful and swim around the boats to communicate and have fun.

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Dolphins migrate to places and it is based on factors of food, temperature, and the distance from the shores. Dolphins are carnivores and their eating habits depend on the species and the habitat. They eat small fish, mackerel, cod, squids, sea turtles, crabs, octopus, and some other fishes. They bite their prey with their teeth and swallow them, but they don’t chew it. They use to hunt in groups and catch their prey by using the techniques of surrounding, corralling, and hitting them using their tails and also by emitting sound waves.

Dolphins pair with more than one mate and give birth to their young. They give birth to a single baby. The young dolphin’s tail comes out first to minimize the risk of drowning and it will be fully dependent on its mother. The dolphin feed them with milk for 2 to 3 years and it is rich and fatty and that is why dolphins grow faster. And later they will learn to catch fish on their own.

They are hunted for meat and for their fat. And as they rise up to the surface to breathe, they get caught in the fishing nets. The warming temperature of the climate has made their main foods move into cooler regions in the water and so they find it hard to catch their prey. And the heat waves affect the reproduction rates of the dolphin and this is why the population is degrading.

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