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We know many animals and there are so many facts about them. But only some creatures have fun and unbelievable facts about them. And such a fact is that, in 1945, during the Hiroshima Bomb incident, early reports said that the only thing to survive was cockroaches, which were found to be moving through the rubble. Interesting right? Yes, cockroaches are said to be capable of surviving nuclear bombs.

It is a creature that annoys us, roaming around the house, hiding behind refrigerators, under the sinks, cabinets, and drawers. But, have you heard people say that, even if the world ends, cockroaches are the only thing that will survive? So here are some interesting facts about cockroaches to read and enjoy.

Interesting cockroach facts

It is the oldest creature

No one likes to see a cockroach, and they are not the favorite pest to exist. But still, they have some unique characteristics, which are not known by many people. There are recognized to be living fossils, as they are believed to exist in the world approximately 320 million years ago, although the modern cockroaches are different from the early ones. Ther are creatures with a small head, flat body large eyes, with long antennas and mouthparts, reddish-brown or dark brown in color. They have an external surface, which has a durable exoskeleton composed of calcium carbonate and this helps in protecting the internal organs of the cockroach. 

Lazy but a fast creature

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There are about 4000 species worldwide and only about 30 species live around humans. If you see one or two at home, there is a possibility that you likely have hundreds or thousands living in a covert nearby. They are extremely sensitive as even the smallest vibration will be sensed by them and by the time you move on a cockroach, they will likely already have taken off to escape. They are lazy and spend 75% of their time resting but still, they are really fast when moving as they can run up to 3 mph.

Can eat anything 

They have bacteria in their bodies that feed off the cockroach and in return provide the amino acids and vitamins that are needed for the cockroach to survive. So that they can feed on anything and still get the nutrients they needed. They act as garbage disposal and eat organic waste because the bacteria in their bodies allow them to eat properly anything and go long periods without even eating.

Some can survive even without eating for 2 to3 months. They can eat whatever they want including other cockroaches. When food is scarce, they will begin to eat one another and if their population gets too large they’ll eat the other to control the population. 

Cockroaches can live without heads

Most of the creatures cannot live without heads, even if they can, it will be for about a minute, but cockroaches can. They can survive without a head for weeks. Because they don’t breathe through the nose or through their mouth, instead they breathe through small holes in bodies called the spiracles that don’t need a brain to direct them. So that, it can breathe even without a head. And cockroaches can survive underwater for a long time and will be able to hold their breath for almost an hour. 

Cockroaches survive in nuclear blasts

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The creature you kill using pesticides can survive a nuclear bomb. Not all the species, but most of the species survive moderate amounts of radiation and 20% of them can survive high atom bomb level radiation. Just 10,000 feet away from the place where the Hiroshima atom bomb was dropped, the cockroaches were found perfectly healthy and fine.  There is an argument that they will be able to withstand extreme radiation exposure due to the design of their bodies and slow cell cycles, but maybe they cannot tolerate the high amount of heat energy produced following the explosion. 

Cockroaches in space

Cockroaches cannot survive in space, as they will die if the temperature gets too low or high. They cannot tolerate the absence of water and oxygen, as they are evolved to live in wet and tropical environments.

Used for medicine

Cockroaches are praised for their nutritional value by some cultures. Ground or boiled cockroaches are used by Egyptians and Greeks for medicinal purposes and some cultures use them for tea as a medicinal remedy. They are also used as an ingredient in China as traditional medicine and it has been used for more than 30 years in modern Chinese clinics to treat diseases like oral ulcers, and gastritis. 

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Cockroaches are fond of beer

Most of the cockroaches like to enjoy a nice beer, as they show their fondness for beer. But they are not party insects and they do not drink to get drunk but are simply attracted to the hops and sugar in the beer.  

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