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Are you looking to start chickens for backyards on your own? And are you wondering what breed of chicken you should own? You might feel it nice to have chickens roaming your backyard as they make great social and affectionate pets and are enjoyable to watch them roam. You have a lot of benefits from chickens from supplying you with healthy fresh eggs to providing you with a great fertilizer for gardening. But not every type will suit your climate, family, and backyard. So we have some tips for you on which breed to choose for your first flock if you are a beginner and what you should consider to raise them? 

What to know before bringing backyard chickens? 

What to know before bringing backyard chickens? 

It may seem easy to care for backyard chickens, but they are just like keeping any other pets. They need ¼ cup of feed per day and require fresh water every day. They need dry areas to keep their feet safe and for their dust baths cause they don’t bathe in water. 

They need 3 to 4 feet of space in the coop for safety from the weather and need boxes to lay their eggs into, and a large space to roam. For this, you can use milk crates and other repurposed materials and when building, make sure to consider predatory safety.

Each breed of hen has a different personality and habits. Some may even lay different colored eggs. Maybe you would choose to raise the chickens from chicks but there is a risk of having roosters in the mix, therefore some choose to wait until they’re sexed to adopt them. 

Types of chickens for backyards

Let’s us look at some best backyard chicken breeds you can have.

Belgian d’Uccle

Belgian d’Uccle

If you are looking for a chicken that looks as stunning and stylish as a casino dancer or if you are looking for classic, elegant, sleek Belgian d’Uccle will be the best choice. This is one of the loveliest, cuddliest, and sweetest pets in the whole world originating from Uccle in Belgium. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. These girls know the way to charm anyone who wanders into their coop and is kind, lively, and hospitable. Moreover, they become friends in a matter of moments. 

If you are a person who wants to keep chickens as feathery friends and companions, then this will suit you. But they will lay a conservative 100 eggs per year. 

Jersey giant 

Jersey Giants are the largest of the best breeds for beginners and are definitely gentle.  It is known as a dual-purpose chicken because you can get benefit from both egg and meat.  They are calm and obedient and come in a variety of colors.  You can expect them to lay around 150 to 200 extra-large brown eggs per year.  It takes a long time to grow them out for meat purposes. So jersey giants can be considered as one of the best backyard chicken breeds you can have. 



Leghorn backyard chickens were first developed in Livorna in Tuscany and were brought to Britain in the late 1800s. It became a popular purebred chicken in America and then in Australia. These chickens are spirited, adventurous, friendly, and considered to be wonderous layers of eggs. So they are best suited as chickens for backyards. 

They are classically beautiful with a unique style.  Their feathers come in different colors and patterns including brown,  black, cuckoo, partridge, buff, Pyle, mottled, white, exchequer, and duck wing, and will always look their best no matter what.  They have been for 100 years and have been raised in many different climates. These hens can live up to anything from tropical locations to winter landscapes,  and to the heat of Australian Bush.  Even though they can live in extreme heat,  make sure to give them plenty of cool fresh water and shade.

Easter eggers

Easter eggers are commonly labeled as “Americanas”.  They are usually very friendly, and obedient. They are not a truly recognized breed of chicken and are usually cross-breed, but they make for the best pets. They are absolutely adorable with fluffy cheeks and feathery little neckbeards. Most of the Easter eggers have green legs and can be easily distinguished from true-bred Ameraucanas.

They can lay a rainbow of egg colors, most commonly green or blue eggs,  sometimes it can range from pink to tan to purple color.  It can be expected to get at least 4 eggs per week.  They come in a wide variety of colors including orange,  white, brown, black, or blue.  They are known to be heat tolerant and have small pea combs that do not have as high of a risk of frostbite and can be best for backyard chickens. 



This breed is one of the types of chickens which is beautiful, bold,  and brassy both inside and out.  This breed was first established in  1883 in North America. The American breeders set out to create a practical version to suit the new world having admired the plumage of the Bright Sebright chicken. The Wyandotte is for dual purpose and provides meant and eggs in America. They make a great choice for backyard chicken as they are easy going and easy to look after, moreover due to their bold temperament and stunning array of colors. They are calm and friendly birds but are not lap chickens. They can sometimes be bossy and a bit aggressive. 

They lay 4 medium to large light brown eggs per week. They are slow due to their heaviness, and more suited for cold climates. You need to consider extra measures to keep them cool and comfortable in high heat. 


These chickens are graceful and energetic sharing the name with a beautiful island off the west coast of Spain. They are known for their spicy personalities and popular for more than 100 years. They can handle the heat when the temperature starts to rise and if you are looking for warm-blooded chicken, you can consider Minorca for backyard chicken. 

Owning chickens like Minorca is perfect for the ones who look for hearty eggs that are larger than the average backyard bounty. They tend to lay around 170 to 200 white eggs per year and sustain throughout the cooler winter months. 

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