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Among the pets, cats are low maintenance when compared to dogs. If you are a family with a busy and modern lifestyle, then cats can fit you easily. Because they are independent and can be left alone and they are more suitable for families staying in small flats and houses. So if you are a person who has a busy and stressful life and comes home to find a friendly greeting and a way of relaxing, you can go with the option of having a pet cat to have some companionship. 

Cats look cute, soft and they are one of the greatest companions. They also benefit by keeping away the mice and other creatures that can cause trouble. You can have a cat for different purposes. Some would like to have a cat to just cuddle and admire, while some need cats that can keep independent, staying outside the house with less human interactions.  

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It is important to find a cat that interacts. But the point is that all cats are not the same and each individual cat behaves according to their personality, environment, and experiences. And so to choose the exact cat you wish to have cannot be guaranteed so you should understand the expectations and the personality of the cats to bring them home and help them cope with the environment and make it a pet the way you want to. 

Ways to maintain cats

To keep and help your cat to have a healthy and best life, here are some helpful tips to parent them. 

  1. Select the appropriate cat
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Cats are independent in nature, but taking care of themselves all alone is a bit hard for them. Before adopting a cat, consider what kind of lifestyle you have. Your busy schedules and the time you can spend with your cat will make you find a suitable cat for yourselves. Some need grooming and attention, especially the cats who are highly intelligent and active. But there are some domestic cats that will suit your working lifestyle perfectly. So make sure to select the appropriate one. 

  1. Grooming your cat

Cats spend most of the time grooming themselves and so they stay clean and rarely need a bath. But it is important to groom them by brushing or combing them regularly, which will cut down the hairballs and help them develop their digestive tract. It mainly helps them in having a clean coat and reduces the amount of hair shedding. 

  1. Feed them properly

Cats cannot be vegetarians like dogs even for a short period of time. They need meat and they always expect to have meat as their main meal of the day. They love to eat fish and other meats. They need taurine which is an essential amino acid for a healthy heart and eyes. And make sure you don’t feed them with products that contain garlic powder or onion powder which can poison your cat. Too much dry food contains carbs and it is bad for cats that can develop type 2 diabetes and makes your cat obese. And dog food is not suitable for cats as their system doesn’t tolerate carbohydrates as dogs do. 

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  1. Provide water

Cats get most of the water from their food. Canned foods contain 78% of water and dry food contains 5 to 10% of water, and if you find your cat drinking more water it is because they have eaten more dry foods. Provide them with fresh water and keep them in places that are easy to access. Older cats are more prone to dehydration and so give more attention to them. 

  1. Litter boxes 

Cats need a litter box, and it should be placed in an accessible and quiet place. Avoid moving the box unnecessarily and don’t keep them in a basement or a dark corner. You need to keep them clean at least once a day by dumping the waste and washing it with a mild detergent because cats will not prefer using a messy and smelly litter box. And if your cat refuses to use the litter box, make sure to consult a veterinarian. 

  1. Scratching
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Scratching is done by cats and when the cat scratches, the nail sheath will pull off and the smooth and sharp claws will be exposed.  A sturdy scratching post should be provided so that they won’t end up clawing the valuable furniture. 

  1. Cat peeing everywhere in the house

When cats find a new armchair or a favorite throw rug and do to this there can be a lot of reasons. Take your cat to a vet to find any urinary tract infection or any other sickness. If there is no illness, you should make sure that the litter box is placed according to the cat’s liking by cleaning it well.

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