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Are you fond of bulldogs? Are you interested in raising one? Or have you brought one home? Then this section will help you to raise it well. We are here to share with you some tips and techniques as a guide to maintain your dog. 

Before starting with the guide of maintaining the bulldogs, you should know the origin and facts making it easier to handle them.

Origin of the Bulldog.

There was a sport in England known as bull baiting which is fighting a bull in the ring. The bulldog is basically developed for bull-baiting, in order to fight aggressively. The old bulldogs were bred in shorter weights and heights because then the bulls will find it hard to spot the dog in the ring and when it does the bull should be able to easily lift the bulldog to toss into the ring. And then the short bulldogs were bred and was spread to the United States and then they gained its popularity and is known as the top 15 popular dog breed.

Types of bulldog

They can be of two types as English Bulldog and French bulldog. The English bulldogs came at the first to compete in the bull-baiting. And then when this sport came to an end, the French dogs came into the origin which was developed in France.

English bulldog

english bulldog

They are strong dogs, short in size, having a weight of 50 to 70 pounds. They have flat-shaped faces. They are really tough-looking and soft-hearted inside. And are cute and suitable pet dogs. They are also used by farmers to drive cattle and protect the live stocks.

French bulldog

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These dogs are smaller than the English bulldogs and weigh 28 to 30 pounds.  They have pointy ears and small muzzles. The purpose of the French dogs is to be a good companion and to be a show dog. These dogs have shorter snouts and it makes them difficult to breathe, and so it is hard to take your bulldogs in airplanes, and especially swimming can be hard for them.

Tips to maintain bulldogs

These dogs are extremely friendly, and when they are exposed to be social from their early days, they will be able to manage with other dogs and animals. They can be defensive with some strangers with whom they don’t feel like being comfortable. They love children and will enjoy their presence. They have courage and are good at protecting their loved ones.

Bulldogs easily get exposed to health issues, where they get respiratory and joint issues. They are also prone to weight gain and other diseases. Improper care by the owners will make them easily get those issues, therefore it is compulsory to provide them with proper care.

Below are some tips to take care of your bulldog.

Skin maintenance

Maintain weight and give proper training

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Proper food

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Provide them with the proper collar

Keep your dog healthy and it will be the best pet dog for you to enjoy.

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