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British shorthair

Having a pet at home makes us feel happy and relaxed. They give us a feeling that there is someone waiting for us at home. But before bringing one home, you need to decide the best pet for you. If you are considering getting a pet cat, then British shorthair will not disappoint you. They are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world just because of their charming looks and friendly nature, which makes an ideal family cat and enjoys being with their owners. But before having them as pets, it is better to understand them thoroughly to keep them happy and healthy. Continue reading to just make sure on whether the British shorthair cats good pets? 

Who are British Shorthair cats? 

They are one of the oldest recognized cat breeds, which is thought to have been brought by Romans to Britain. They look so cute and adorable like living teddy bears. They have thick fur, dense coats in many colors and patterns. British Shorthair cats are mostly identified to be Blue-gray cats and they are the popular choice for many. Thick legs, rounded chests, chubby cheeks, and broad chests make them unique and different from other cats. They come in various sizes from medium-sized to large cats and look powerful with heavy muscles and bones.

Are British shorthair cats good pets?

British shorthair cats

They are pleasant cat breeds that give us a perfect companion. They are easy-going, loyal, and loving cats that will get attached to everyone in the family. They love playing, and when they need to play, they will find someone with a toy to play so there is no need for hourly attention. 

British shorthair cat makes a good pet due to its non-destructive and low energy characteristics. You find them to be intelligent, affectionate, and trainable with close bonds with families, and well-behaved children. They don’t like to be carried or held in laps, but they will follow you from room to room and stay around you. There is no need to worry if you need to leave the cat alone at home because they value their alone time. 

Are British shorthair intelligent? 

Cats are a lot cleverer than people think they are. Because they learn to do their things on their own, while learning on how to use litter boxes, find where they get their food and water. Moreover, they will identify the one who will give them more treats. British shorthair is more intelligent than normal cats, as they are readily trainable and love playing puzzles and games. They have an extra level of intelligence than any other cat. 

How to maintain them? 

British shorthair maintenance

What is the average lifespan?


This is a healthy breed that can live up to 20 years,  but we can still have certain health problems. To prevent health problems,  you need to get your kitten from a reputable breeder,  and then take your cat once a year to the vet for a checkup.

Exercise should play an important role in your cat’s life because they can gain too much weight as they have not that active.  Make the move when they are young by giving interactive toys, lasers, fishing wands, and then provide them with cat trees and shelves to fit and trim mentally and physically.

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