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Everything in the world has two sides, known as beautiful and ugly. These words also relate to animals. Have you heard about the world’s ugliest animal? It is the Blobfish. According to the votes in a 2013 online poll, blobfish had the highest vote to be the ugliest animal. Is it actually ugly? If so what makes them look ugly? These are some facts that are not known by many. So let’s see the answers related to the questions on blobfish. 

This is the most viral creature in the world. They are a rare marine fish and scientifically known as the Psychrolutes marcidus. They are pinkish-grey in color and 12 inches (30cms) in length and 20 pounds (9kg) in weight. Blobfish have large heads and rounded bodies that tap towards the tail. They look like actual fish in the depth of the water and their skin looks like gelatin.

Why do blobfish look ugly?

The blobfish lives in the deep water at depths of 2000 to 3900 feet (600 to 1200 meters), off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The reason for their impression of being ugly is because, when they come out of their high-pressure natural environment it gives decompression damage to their bodies which looks like jelly.

Simply because of their gelatin body with less bone and muscles, they lose their body shape when removed from the pressure of the deep sea (the pressure in the deep sea is 100 times higher than the surface). This is due to the surface gravity that makes them look so.  The reality is that blobfish has two appearances, wherein the deep water, looks like a normal fish and on the surface, it looks gelatinous. 

What makes them more unique? 

Apart from their ridiculous appearance, they still look unique due to some behaviors. The blobfish, can float and sink in the water using their minimal bones and tissues which are like jelly and so they float with minimal efforts to maintain neutral buoyancy, which simply means an object with the same density floats in the middle of the fluid instead of using their swim bladders. 

Psychrolutes marcidus

Living in the deep sea is not that easy, as, for survival in the deep sea, energy should be conserved. As the blobfish has the ability to float without swimming so that it can conserve energy. And so they have their required energy to search for their food. 

Because of their lack of muscle structure, it moves slowly and float near the ocean floor in search of food. But not many details are known about them because the only interaction between humans and the fish is when they are accidentally captured in commercial fisheries. 

What is their diet?

deep-sea fishes

They don’t actively hunt, because of their lack of muscles. Moreover, they have no teeth and don’t bite. If they find their food, and if it fits in their mouth, they would eat it. They feed on crabs, sea urchins, mollusks, and whatever they can catch. Although they have no teeth to crush their food, the fish has a perfect digestive system where its stomachs consist of gastric juices with capacities of corrosive which helps them to digest all kinds of food. 

Reproduction of blobfish

The female blobfish lays thousands of eggs on the seafloor and one of the parents would guard them. But very little is known about its reproduction and the one that guards the eggs. 

Can you pet blobfish?

These fish cannot survive outside their natural habitat due to their composition of the body. If you want to keep them as pets you should be able to control the pressure to make their environment for them to live. If you can do so, it is easy to get their diet as it is variable. 

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